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What Makes A Good Pet Owner?

Being A Good Pet Owner

Are you a good pet owner? Just because you own a pet doesn’t mean that your work is done. Pet owners have a responsibility to take care of their animals.

The Basics Of Being A Good Pet Owner

It can sound simple but there are a lot of ways to go about being a responsible pet owner.  Just giving your pet food and water doesn’t make you a good pet owner, it just means that your pet is fed.  Being a responsible pet owner means that you are taking care of every part of your pet’s life and making sure that they are healthy, happy, safe and comfortable.

In a way, pets are like children.  They are adorable, they give you unconditional love but they rely on you for every part of their well-being.  Like babies, pets can’t choose and prepare their food, they can’t get themselves to the vet and they can’t control their surroundings.  This is where you, as the responsible pet owner, has to take charge and make sure that your pet is well taken care of.

Basic Pet Care Number One

It may sound simple but how you feed your pet is very important and can be a bit complicated.  You just can’t throw food at your dog or cat and expect them to eat it and to thrive.  Pet foods can be complex and you need to make sure that you are using the best food for your animal.  Young pets, like kittens and puppies, need special foods designed for growing, active bodies.  Think about how quickly your puppy grows in the first year and how active it is.  It seems to never stop playing, chasing and chewing and it is growing rapidly at the same time.  This age group needs foods that are high in protein and are created to help growth.  As your pet gets older you need to tailor their food for a different age and lifestyle.  You need to make sure they aren’t eating empty carbs and adding unwanted weight.  Senior pets need even more specialize foods.  They have slowed down a lot and need foods that won’t add weight but will help with joint pain.  Many pet owners have explored natural pet foods and organic foods.  These products will be free of chemicals, artificial flavoring and other unwanted ingredients.  They may be more expensive but they may also help your pet’s health.

Tips For Being A Good Pet Owner

Pet owners love to give their special friend treats and rewards.  While these shouldn’t be considered their food, treats should be controlled because your pet is eating them.  Watch for treats that might serve a purpose such as dental chews for dogs.  It’s easy and fun to treat your pet but, like with people, you need to watch what they eat at all times.

Basic Pet Care Number Two

Your pet’s health has to be job number two because you are the one who will take them to the vet or make sure they are getting any medications that they may need.  Health care for pets also includes flea and tick control (very important for house cats and dogs), nail trimming and grooming, dental care and other health related events.  Pets age like people and will have more issues as they get older.  However, in most cases early and proper vet care will pay off with a longer and healthier life for your pet.  Regular visits to the vet can catch problems early and help your pet overcome any health problems that may arise.

Basic Pet Care Number Three

Having the right kind of living environment for your pet is crucial.  Your pet not only has to feel safe and comfortable, they need to be safe and comfortable.  Whether this means a comfortable kennel for you puppy, an always clean litter box for you cat or a clean aquarium for your fish, your pet deserves and should expect a clean and safe place to live and play.  Dogs and cats love to have special places to nap and these should be set up so that they can get away from clutter and noise.  Using a pet carrier that is designed to keep the animal safe is another way that responsible pet owners keep their charges safe.

Whether you pet is a dog, a cat, a fish or a snake, or if it is some other species of animal, they are going to rely on you to provide them with the basics.  They didn’t ask to be your pet, you decided to be their owner and keeper and your job is to keep up your end of the bargain.