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Three Very Good Natural Cat Foods

Natural Cat Food

You love your cat and you want to give it the best food possible. Many pet owners have shifted to natural foods for their cats, they often feel that some foods are too loaded with preservatives.  Finding your pet a good natural cat food can require a bit of research, some manufacturers use the word “natural” as a marketing tool instead of as a valid description.

What Does Natural Mean When It Comes To Cat Food?

Natural can be used by any manufacturer for any product, without fear of being called on the carpet.  What you need to look for when buying your cat’s food are natural ingredients, no chemical preservatives and no unneeded filler.  This means reading the labels and understanding what the ingredients are and how they affect your pet.

The first thing to check is how the food provides your cat with protein.  Cats by nature are obligate carnivores and need meat to make their systems work.  Your cat food should list a protein source as the #1 ingredient.  You also need to make sure that there are not fillers added to the food, such as wheat or corn.  Look for vegetables that are high in antioxidants and vitamins.  There are natural preservatives that can be used in place of chemicals.

Here are three very good all natural cat foods that we really like.  There are many more on the market and we are listing only three dry natural foods that have performed well.

Rachael Ray Nutrish Premium Natural Cat Food

Racheal Ray Nutrish Premium Natural Cat Food

Rachael Ray has her name on a lot of products.  Pets are her passion (besides cooking) and her Nutrish line is a very good natural pet food line.  This dry cat food uses both chicken and salmon as its protein source, two tastes that your cat will love.  Fiber is added with lentils and the pumpkin is great for digestion.  Vets often recommend pumpkin pie filling for cats with tummy problems, now they can get in in their food.

Natural Cat FoodPurina Beyond Grain Free Natural Cat Food

Purina Beyond Grain Free Natural Cat FoodPurina goes all natural with this excellent grain free cat food.  Protein is provided by fish and egg, two excellent sources that will add flavors that your cat will love.  There are no grains at all in this food, a real plus for your cat.  Too often the grains that are added are fillers and they add nothing except for unneeded carbohydrates.  This is a very good natural cat food.

Natural Cat FoodBlue Buffalo Natural Cat Food For Indoor Cats

Blue Buffalo Natural Cat Food For Indoor Cats

Your cat may think that it is a fierce jungle beast, roaming outdoors and ruling all that it sees.  In reality, it is probably an indoor cat who goes outside only by accident.  This type of cat is typical and it should have a special food, especially as it gets older.  There are two options with this food, chicken or fish.  Both come with rice and are loaded with nutrients and antioxidants.  Your ferocious cat can roam your house, knowing that its food is very healthy.

Natural Cat Food