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Take A Look At Organic Cat Food

Cat Eating Organic Cat Food

For years I have wondered if there were any better tasting and healthier organic cat food available. There are some very good brands out there, but not one that really does it better than all of the others. I have tried many brands from many different places. Out of those I have had the most positive results with our Organix and Ziwi Peak. It really depends on the individual who will be using the food that will determine which one is best for them.

Look For True Organic Labels

Organix Organic Cat Food is a good all around brand. The chicken and beef used are very healthy weight. Many of the recipes are also healthy weight for dogs and are easy to make for people on a budget. The dry powder is a good addition to organic cat food. I mix one cup with my food each day. It is mixed in well and does a good job of keeping my kitty feeling healthy and happy.

The third organic food I would like to share with you today is Wysong. They have a line of natural cat food specifically for cats. They claim that their food is “made from real whole foods and not like a lot of kitty food brands which contain meat byproducts, carbohydrates, and other fillers”.

This brand is very similar to Organix and Ziwi Peak. All three companies use good wholesome ingredients. Both companies offer a variety of healthy ingredients that your pet can enjoy including chicken, turkey, and beef. The chicken is mostly leaner meat, meaning that your cat can enjoy some benefits from eating this type of food as opposed to the other two brands mentioned. The natural cat food is also supposed to taste better because the ingredients used are all natural.

Why Choose Organic Cat Food?

There are other benefits to choosing organic cat food. Your cat will live a longer life because they will not develop cancer due to the preservatives and fillers found in most commercial pet foods. And, of course, by choosing a natural brand you will be contributing to a healthier planet. Animals are fed toxic pet food that is full of additives and chemicals. The environment cannot handle these types of products, so it is important to switch to higher-quality foods that are better for you and your pets.

If you keep your cat healthy you will be contributing to a long, happy life. In addition to making sure they get plenty of vitamins and nutrients, it is also a good idea to make sure they are getting regular exercise. This helps keep them physically fit and emotionally healthy. Cats who are allowed free-range life have been proven to live longer lives. When it comes to their health, nothing beats organic cat food. It is the best thing you can do for your feline friend.