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Natural Balance Limited Ingredients Dog Food

Natural Balance Limited Ingredients Dog Food

When it comes to choosing a good natural dog food, less can be best.  Less means fewer ingredients in the food, and those ingredients are natural and healthy for your pet.  Dog food is notorious for containing fillers and ingredients that serve no purpose except to fill up your dog.  Grain fillers are especially harmful when used to fill out the food recipe.  They offer little outside of empty carbohydrates and can be a major cause of weight gains in older dogs.

What Does Natural Mean When It Comes To Dog Food?

The word natural gets used a lot when it comes to describing food for people and pets.  Often it means nothing, it is just a marketing gimmick used by unethical companies the lull people into thinking that they are buying healthier food.  Usually a good look at the ingredients label will destroy the claim of natural, but some firms use the term natural in a proper and ethical manner.

If the dog food you are looking at is truly natural, it will not have chemicals and preservatives added that aren’t found in nature.  While wheat and other grains can be called natural, they are not beneficial to your dog’s diet, while protein rich ingredients like chicken, salmon and bison are.

Natural Balance Dog Food Benefits

Simple Ingredients Are Always Best

Natural Balance LID (Limited Ingredient Diet) dog food is a truly natural pet food that has only a few, but healthy, ingredients in their mix.  The main ingredients are fish and sweet potato.  The fish is for protein, and for dogs of all ages, protein is critical.  Sweet potatoes are very high in antioxidants, vitamins and other nutrients that are good for your dog.

Being grain free helps your dog’s digestive track and assists in keeping extra weight off.  The oils from the fish are beneficial for your pet’s skin and coat.  You will notice a shiny finish to your dog’s coat soon after starting to feed them this food.  Natural Balance also adds vitamins and nutrients in a natural way.  These help to boost  your pet’s overall health.

Check out the benefits of using natural or organic dog food.  Your pet will appreciate it.

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