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Kitty Litter And The Litter Box

Taking Care Of Cats

A litter box is a must-have device for every cat owner.  It is usually an indoor litter and urine collection container for cats who instinctively or via training will make use of this location. They are usually made out of inexpensive plastic or metal.  Most are built in such a way that the catcan climb into them without having any problems. They are usually placed in a corner of the house or an out of the way spot. Ideally a cat will need to be taught how to use it, since cats are usually uncomfortable about entering unknown places. In this way, they will not destroy anything inside the box.

Cats Will Enjoy Using A Litter Box

It has been shown that cats enjoy relieving themselves in litter boxes. This is why most of these boxes are placed right next to pet’s food and water dishes. When your pet needs to relieve themselves, they will often do so in these places.  This makes cleaning and scooping out the poop more of a chore than a fun activity.  If you have a clumping pan underneath, you will want to make cleaning these easier on your cat.     This will become an enjoyable experience for your feline. Cleaning these boxes will be less of a chore and more of a part of playing around with them and having them entertain us.

Cats And Litter Boxes

One of the downsides to these containers that reviewers often mention is the fact that there are no sifting procedures involved. Some people worry that when their pet cat uses the box that all the old fecal materials will be scattered all over the floor.   Even if the material is not scattered, some scent may still linger because of the way that the material is left. Sifting the waste can be a tedious and time-consuming process.  With the clumping free material, the process is much less cumbersome. Not only will the cat waste be cleaner, it won’t smell as strongly as it would if the material were simply scooped up and sifted through.

Don’t Let Litter Accumulate

There is another potential downside to these units that many cat owners point out. With the large amount of debris that ends up on the floor as the cat scratches and tries to get to the “bad-tasting” material.  There can be bits of unclaimed material floating around in the air. Cats are known for having sensitive eyesight and hearing. If there is any unclaimed dust or soil in the air, it could potentially irritate your cat’s eyes and cause itching. A small amount of dust  in the box is nothing that your cat is going to be able to tell isn’t good for him. However, if he were to take a big whiff of it, he may become ill.

Some Litter Boxes Are Self Cleaning

To address this issue, many pet companies have designed self-cleaning litter boxes. These units use a dual system to rid the box of debris. With one system, the litter is collected and goes into a compartment with a collection tray. The tray is then set on top of the collection tray. In addition to the waste, this compartment can contain fresheners.  These can be used for the odor control of your bathroom or bedroom. The second system works like a vacuum cleaner.  It picks up the material and depositing it into a separate compartment with an air intake system.

The advantage to this type of system is that you can maintain two different smells. The first and most important one being the fresh scent of kitty litter. Another advantage is that this type of box can continue to keep the air fresh, removing odors from the bathroom and bedroom.

Check Out These Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes

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