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Is Your Cat A Finicky Eater?

Finicky Cats Not Eating

There are numerous factors your feline might not be eating the food you put in front of them. You need to do a little examining to find the cause if they aren’t ill. Yes, you may love your pet, but you can’t always make them eat.

The Food Bowl May Be Part Of The Problem

A cat may in fact have trouble consuming from a bowl that is too light or too small. If the bowl moves too much, your cat might discover it not worth the effort. And some cats don’t like where their food bowl is positioned – try simply changing its location.

If you have other cats or pets, other animals may frighten your cat. Numerous dogs will instinctively try to consume your cat’s food when it is put down. The dog will assume it’s their food and gobble it down before your cat has a chance.

And think about the length of time a bowl of feline food has been sitting out. Any food neglected over night or in heat might be unappetizing to your cat. Most cats – especially indoor cats – tend to eat less in warm weather.

Some Cats, Like People, Hate Change

Some cats do not like a change in their diet. Do so gradually over a number of days if you decide to alter your brand of food. Mix a bit more of the new food into the old food every day up until you have completely changed over to the new food.

If your cat’s diet plan includes primarily dry food, try giving it a treat of canned cat food sometimes, or include a little broth to its food. Some older felines or felines with aching gums or teeth can discover dry food tough to chew.

With a little patience, you will have the ability to figure out just why your feline isn’t eating. A modification here or there can turn your finicky feline completely around.