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Is Wet Dog Food Right For Your Pet?

Feeding Your Dog Wet Dog Food

There is a constant argument among dog owners about wet dog food versus dry dog food. Both sides have good arguments and both types of food have down sides.  Some will say that dry dog food is best because it helps your dogs teeth, keeps their poop solid and is much higher in fiber.  The other side will say that wet dog food is best because you can give them more natural food that tastes better.  Freshness can also be an issue.  Dry dog food is by its manufacturing dry, while wet will contain fresh ingredients that keep their nutritional value better.

Cesar Gourment Wet Dog Food

Is Wet Dog Food Healthier?

As a rule, yes, wet dog food is healthier for your pet.  That isn’t to say that dry dog food is unhealthy or is bad for your dog.  Dry dog food has to have all moisture taken out of it before it is bagged and sent to the store.  Most of that moisture is water but some of it contains the natural vitamins and nutrients that are found in the foods used to make the food.  Some manufacturers will replace those nutrients and some do it without using chemicals.

A wet dog food keeps almost all of the moisture used in the manufacturing process.  This means that any nutrients that may end up in the both after cooking the meat or fish will stay in the food when it is canned.  Vegetables are notorious for leaking nutrients during the cooking process, but wet foods make use of those liquids.

Pedigree Choice Cuts Wet Canned Dog FoodFreshness Matters

Dry dog food can stay in an unopened package for years.  The flavor may degrade a bit but unless the food is exposed to air, the basic integrity of the food isn’t changed.  What can happen it that you end up feeding your dog food that is two years old.  Most of us wouldn’t want to eat food that is two years old, we shouldn’t expect our dog to do it and enjoy it.

Canned wet food will be fresher and will be served much closer to the date that it was made.  Most canned foods have a sell-by date of 8-10 months.  The cans are vacuum sealed and the ingredients will be much fresher than those found in a bag of dog food.  Your dog will notice a taste difference as well, fresh food always smells and tastes better.

Purina Beyond Grain Natural Wet Dog Food

The Downsides Of Wet Dog Food

No one likes to talk about it, but as dog owners, we spend a lot of time picking up our dog’s poop.  Whether it is at home, at the dog park or while we are on a walk, a responsible dog owner cleans up after their pet.  This is where wet dog food has its biggest drawback.

Most dogs will digest wet food just fine and their poop will be solid, making it easy to pick up.  However, many dogs, especially as they get older, will have digestive issues.  You may find that their poop is runnier and smellier than if they were eating dry dog food.  Unpleasant to think about, but it is a daily issue for dog owners.

It can also be more difficult to find natural wet dog food.  Often, the manufacturer will use grain fillers to thicken any gravy that is in the food.  These filler are just empty carbohydrates and can add unwanted weight.  If your pet is older and has started to slow down, unwanted pounds can be almost impossible to get rid of.

There also is a cost factor.  A 25 pound bag of dry dog food will cost anywhere from $20 to $40 dollars.  Depending on the size of your dog, this could last you up to a month.  Wet dog food will be more expensive, you may find yourself paying $2 to $3 per can.  Your budget may be a huge factor in choosing your pet’s food.

When In Doubt, Ask Your Vet

You should always talk to your vet about the kind of food that your dog should have.  Some vets may try to sell you food that they stock in their clinics.  Most will give you good advice on food after they have examined your pet.  Remember, it is their health that you are watching out for.

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