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Good Info On House Cats

Happy Cats

Millions of us own and love cats as house pets, and that is where they belong – indoors. But neglected and abandoned stray cats that are left to fend for themselves in our backyards have bred unhealthy and unbalanced cat colonies throughout the country, particularly in Northeast Wisconsin. As a responsible pet owner, you can help prevent this kind of overpopulation by implementing a cat’s only shelter in your home or yard.

Choosing A Good House Cat

One cute cat that looks like it will fit in with the cat accessories you have in your living room is a Tabby Cat. The Tabby breed is actually a native breed from Malaysia that was brought to the United States a few decades ago. The Tabby Cat looks like a cross between a tabby and a lazy cat, but with the long coat of the lazycat and the slant eyes and almond shaped eyes of a typical tabby, you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference. The only giveaway is the litter box, which is small and rectangular.

Two domestic cats that could use some TLC are the Marshall (tabby, brown eyes, black tail, male) and the Persian (white, brown, white tip, male). These cats have a long and sweet personality and make a wonderful family companion. If you like cats but do not feel you can keep them house trained, there is another option. That is, get a few pointers from a professional who has experience dealing with cats as pets. There are many caring professionals in your area who offer these services and would rather give you advice than attempt to train your pets on your own.

Can You Train Your Cat?

For example, if you have a cat that needs a little training because he is used to jumping up into your lap, or snuggling up against your chest while watching television, there is a device that will desensitize him to jumping up on visitors. You can buy the device for a low price, but it will probably last a good few years. It is called the “Toyger”. It resembles a small radio or TV that is battery operated and can be found at most pet stores. Some pet stores offer free shipping when you purchase the Toyger. The advantage to purchasing a desensitizing device like this instead of trying to house train a cat is that the cat will learn that when you hold the device over his nose, he should look up, if he looks up he will get rewarded.

If you need to train your cat in a hurry, there is another great hub of activity in your area. There is the” Garfield’s Home”. Garfield’s Home offers training classes in several different formats. One is a two-day class on basic obedience; another is a weekend retreat that offers specialized training with an experienced trainer. The trainers are experts on cats and will have your cat feeling relaxed and content in no time.

These are just two examples of great places to look for domestic cats. Pet stores and other breeders are another great resource. I have personally visited four different pet stores and spoke with many breeders. It is my opinion that everyone is happy. Whether you choose to take the Toyger or the Garfield Home option, you will end up with a great companion for years to come.