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Finding Challenging Cat Toys

Best Cat Toys For All Cats

Bored cats mean trouble so it pays to have a few challenging cat toys on hand. These toys will help stimulate your pet as well as amuse them.

There are many cat toys on the market, but few that are as interactive and fun to play with as the old-fashioned paddle toys. Paddle toys are interactive and safe for cats to play with. This makes them great for outdoor play that gets you both moving. Paddle toys are similar to other toys for cats. They allow them to use their paws as opposed to their claws. These toys serve two purposes: they entertain your pet, and you can exercise your own body. These are some important things to remember before you purchase a paddle cat toy.

Make Sure Your Cat Is Safe With Its New Toy

Be sure that your cats are safe when playing with the toy. Most paddle cat toys have safety restraints which prevent your cat being hurt, however some toys can be dangerous for your pet. You should be careful with toys that come into contact with water. A small amount of water can lead to electrocution in cats. You should also check that the toy is comfortable to hold on to. Cats can become trapped in tiny pieces that can prove very difficult to get out. Make sure the paddle is large enough so cats can use it as a plaything, not just to balance on it.

Even felines who don’t want to be petted will love catnip. This natural deterrent is great for deer and other pests. Catnip is an excellent choice for cat toys, due to its many health benefits. Catnip is known to reduce anxiety, depression, and promote calm and relaxed feelings in cats.  Kittens love catnip as well, but you need to introduce it slowly.

Challenging Cat Toys

Is Your Cat A Lap Cat?

But what if your cat likes to sit on your lap? Do you think it makes sense to give your cat a fancy toy? Yes, it is. A toy that allows for both physical and mental activity will be more beneficial to a cat. Combining high-tech indoor toys with challenging cat toys can provide hours of stimulation and fun for your pet.

However, there are some important things to remember. There are many different kinds of cat toys. Some toys are more stimulating for physical activity and cats will love them. Toys for cats that encourage running and jumping are better suited to them. Indoor cats with less predatory instincts, such as indoor scratching posts, may be more comfortable with challenging cat toys that encourage activity and exploration.

Some cat toys are made for felines that have less activity. These toys are typically softer and not recommended for pets that require lots of exercise such as our feline friends. Kitten toys fall under this category. These toys are meant to be gentle stimulating for your cat. There are toys made for cats that allow them to climb. Although they may not be as physically active as toys made for active pets, they can still be very fun to play with.