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Did You Know Rabbits Make Great Pets?

Pet Rabbits

Rabbits as pets are a growing segment of the pet industry and the U.S. rabbit population is now estimated to be in the tens of millions. There are more than 5.3 million domestic bunny owners today, including a large number who own multiple rabbits. And though rabbits are purchased predominantly as pets for young children, the numbers of adult-only families who own rabbits has increased significantly, from 26 percent in 1996 to a reported 39 percent in 2020, according to the American Rabbit Association. These pet owners include people who do not plan to adopt their rabbits as pets, but rather purchase them as house pets only.

However, rabbits make excellent house pets. They require minimal grooming and bathing requirements, yet still enjoy a high quality of life and can provide years of enjoyment for their owners. Litter box issues have been largely resolved with the introduction of the electric litter box, which is highly recommended by most animal trainers. Rabbits enjoy a high quality of exercise and being used as house pets, they can free themselves frequently to explore and interact with their environment.

Bunnies As House Pets

Rabbits Can Make Great House Pets

For most people, the primary advantage of rabbit ownership is the companionship that a pet offers. House pets are usually much easier to deal with than pets that are kept at a dog or cat shelter. A rabbit is a friendly, playful animal that are easy to cuddle and pet, and is gentle enough to be handled without hurting the animal. House rabbits can often be found alone, so this aspect of their personality is immediately transferred into a companionship with a human.

In terms of health care, both dogs and cats need veterinary care once in a while. Rabbits, however, are far less likely to need veterinary care, because they are not considered high-risk animals by most veterinarians. This is one of the main reasons that rabbits make wonderful pets for families with children, as their smaller size does not require much veterinary care.

Bunnies Are Easy To Care For

Another advantage of domestic rabbits is that they are very easy to groom. Most breeds will allow you to brush their fur, which will remove the dead hair that is laying around their body. They do require some bathing in the beginning, but most breeds are very gentle and comfortable with a bathing hose. You will need to choose the appropriate shampoo for your fur type, as there are a few different types for different kinds of fur. Since rabbits are primarily hairless, you won’t have to worry about moles and other unwanted hairs taking up space in your rabbit’s hair. Grooming is not essential to the health and welfare of your pet rabbits, and a quick brushing will go far towards keeping them clean and well groomed.


Rabbits make wonderful and unique pets, and they have many advantages over other types of pets. They are social and companionable animals that are fun to own and to raise. They do require a little more care than a cat or a dog, but they are very rewarding pets for those who can commit to caring for them. There are many rabbit breeds of cats, so before you make your choice as your first pet, take the time to look at the requirements of other domestic rabbits, such as guinea pigs, gerbils, and rats. This will help ensure that you choose the right pet for your situation and lifestyle.