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Anybody Else Love Hamsters?

Pet Hamster

Of all the pets my son had as a child (and there were quite a few), he talks the fondest of his hamster, Chip.  Not the dogs that entertained him for hours on end, not the cats that actually cuddled with him.  No, it alwasy comes back to Chip The Hamster.

Hamsters are very active and entertaining little pets. They are nocturnal meaning that they sleep at night and then emerge only when it is time for bedtime. They also have wrinkled skin, which makes them look like old toys that have been left out in the open. This does not mean that they are unpleasant, instead they are very exciting and funny little animals to own and to care for.

Hamster Toys

Gerbils Are Cute But Different From Hamsters

Gerbils are another family of small animal’s but smaller than hamsters. Both of these animals are rodents, which come from the rodent family Cricetidae. While hamsters have pink fur and gerbils have black fur; both of these animals have the ability to regenerate, which is what makes them such a fascinating small animal. They can also run quite fast, so if you own multiple hamsters this is an excellent opportunity to show off your gerbils as they can race each other against their wills.

Like hamsters, gerbils can be found in pet stores. Many people think that gerbils and hamsters should never be mixed and that they will be a horrible mix. But they are perfectly able to live and interact with each other just as well as hamsters and gerbils can. There are many ways that you can house these two fantastic sized rodents.

Many pet stores sell hamsters that are bred for nocturnal activities and they do exist. It is not recommended that you let your hamster’s outside of their cages at night as they may bite or nibble on anything they can see which can lead to some serious problems if you don’t know what you are doing. Some hamsters like to get into small spaces to mark their territory and if you place them in a room they cannot view the other side of the room you may end up having to clean up their mess all evening. It is best to leave your hamsters in their natural environment and to have a hamster that is bred to nocturnal activity.

Hamsters Are Great Pets For Small Children

Some people prefer to have gerbils and hamsters as house pets because they tend to be more friendly towards small children and they are good companions for little children. This is because gerbils are very protective of their space and they don’t like being crowded so they don’t bite or nibble on young children. If you have young children it is important that you supervise where your children take their hamsters. You also need to keep in mind that gerbils tend to have a playful nature and they can be great parents to small animals that they are not very social with.

If you have decided to get hamsters or gerbils as pets, there are some important things that you need to consider before you make your purchase. The first thing is the location that you will be purchasing the hamster or gerbil from. You want to find an animal sanctuary that is clean, that has a well-tended garden and that does not sell or give away any hamster to anyone who visits the establishment. Your new friend is going to require shelter from predators and a good diet. You also need to think about how much time you are willing to spend caring for the animal, because this will affect the type of hamster or gerbil you buy.